PoNT De L’aLMa TuNNeL – 360° PHOTO – SiTe oF DiaNa’S TRaGiC CaR CRaSH iN 1997

This is an absolutely astounding 360° photo centred on the Masonic “Flame of Liberty” (so-called) & black pentagram (a belated World War II memorial if my memory serves me correctly) above the Pont de l’Ama tunnel. This was gifted from the International Herald Tribune to Paris in the 1987.

From August 31, 1997 it has been an unofficial memorial for Diana, Princess of Wales (& to a certain extent also to her lover of the time Dodi Fayed), as I can testify, having walked along the centre strip leading up to the flame on that very day with my brother (my birthday as it happened), not realizing that that was the site of the crash until we saw all of the flowers, notes & tributes in English & in French saying “Diana, We Love You” & “Di & Dodi, Rest In Peace” in English & in French.

As neither of us spoke much French & hadn’t seen the papers or the television, we were unaware of the crash (& death) of Diana until my brother phoned his girlfriend (overseas) from a phone booth beneath the Eiffel Tower perhaps an hour before we walked past this site.

This is still a site for these tributes, at least around August 31, as I was in Paris this year, 11 years later & went past there on that day. I intend to publish some photographs from that most recent trip, along with a commentary & my assessment of the nature of what happened on that tragic night.

I highly recommend the following DVD that examines the events that led up to & followed the events that resulted in Diana’s death (& the loss of of the lives of driver Henri Paul & Dodi Fayed & in serious head injuries to Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones). This DVD, entitled “Lady Die”, is nearly 4 hours long. While Disc 1 varies in strength & presentation of the various researchers & commentators, Disc 2 is absolutely superb.



Directly behind the memorial (south) is the Pont de l’Alma (Bridge of Alma). To the right we are facing in an easterly direction. If Diana’s car hadn’t crashed in the tunnel, it would have been travelling on the right-hand side of the road.

To the left of the flame (in a westerly direction) we see streetlights forming a “V” shape. These are leading towards the mouth of the tunnel that Diana’s car entered (this would be to our left). The car crashed into the 13th pillar, which is actually slightly more towards that far mouth of the tunnel, than to the one near to the flame, as there are just over 30 pillars in the tunnel.

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