RoN PauL & “THe HoRNeD HaND”

(Note: Thomas Richards of provided me with his collection of “horned hand” pics below. For more irrefutable & incriminating evidence against Ron “Papal” Paul, please go to the following page Thomas’ website: “Ron Paul, J.B.S., Catholicism, Reagan”)

On Alex Jones’ Infowars website there is an article where he is saying that – as close to outright as possible – he’s a JBSer: John Birch Society member. Consider his deferential position to Jesuit-trained JBS President John F. McManus. Now consider pro-Vatican Ron Paul’s endorsement of his “many friends” that are members of the highly Catholic John Birch Society (an organisation with many high-level Masons & long links to Knights of Malta) & read the articles “the John Birch Society” & “the Belmont Brotherhood” & think about Paul’s Luciferian Masonic salutes – & no, he’s not greeting deaf people either (nor is the Pope), see: Satanists jailed over ritual killing.

Jones & his old friend Jesuit-trained Pat Buchanan of the American branch of the Pope’s religious-military order the Knights of Malta, are Ron Paul’s staunchest supporters. Jones refuses to seriously examine the extent of the covert global manipulation of the Papacy, the Jesuits & the Knights of Malta, while Paul sang the praises of the previous pontiff & Buchanan is the uber-Catholic.

Face facts folks: all U.S. Presidential candidates are elite frontmen & the most influential sectors of the “alternate media” are intelligence-gathering psy-op set-ups.


Satanist Woman: left hand/Satanist husband

Notice the thumb is OUT!

Satanists jailed over ritual killing

– “Daniel Ruda, a 26-year-old former car parts salesman, and his 23-year-old wife Manuela had confessed to the killing in their apartment, surrounded by human skulls, cemetery lights, scalpels and incense…They have shown no remorse, saying the devil ordered them to send him a human sacrifice because he wanted a “court jester”…Manuela acquired a taste for vampirism during a visit to London, where she attended “bite parties” at which people voluntarily had blood sucked from their veins.”

The woman below is indeed a Satanist and notice she is making the handsign with the thumb OUT. OK?

Satanists killed man ‘on Devil’s orders’

Bill Clinton

Ron Paul

“Ron Paul @ Iowa Straw Poll fundraiser 8/11/07 pt. 1”

Satan Displays Bush ‘Hook ’em’ Hand Gesture; Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?

Bush again flashes el Diablo sign

Signs of Satan

Satan’s “El Diablo” Hand Sign

montage: Satanists making the “Satanic salute” to an altar displaying the Goat of Mendes/ George W Bush
(Member of Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove)

Bill Clinton & Kid Rock


Benny Hinn

Jesse Duplantis

Kenneth Copeland

Rodney Howard Browne

Former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge (formerly Governor of Pennsylvania). Surely he’s not a Longhorns Fan?

Dan Quayle

WOW – even King Abdullah and Putty Pute are fans, everybody’s doing it! Go Long Horns!

Here’s Amy Grant, on the Michael W. Smith, In Concert (Reunion Records, 1985) video tape flashing the “Satanic salute.” Amy deliberately flashes the “Satanic salute” at least two separate times on the video, displaying it for several seconds.

George W. Bush at his 2005 inauguration

Why is the Bush family so obsessed with the signal, displaying it dozens of times during both the inauguration and the evening ball? A few times maybe we could accept, but why this many? What has Texas sports got do with a national inauguration?

This is a handsign of the devil worshippers (goat horns). Picture from the Satanic Bible.

Mendes is a contraction of the Greek name Mendesius, given to the kingdom of Lower Egypt. The God of Pa-bi-neb-tat (“the dwelling of the Lord of Spirit, Lord of Tat”), the principal city of Mendes, was Nesa-Bi-Neb-Tat, represented as a man with the head of a ram. This deity was later associated with Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, the ram headed man becoming a symbol of Ra. The Goat of Mendes subsequently appeared in Occidental Magical literature: In the magical system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn the Goat of Mendes is a mythical figure mentioned in the Rite of the Pentagram and the Five Paths.

deaf sign language “i love you” stamps. Language devised by the occultist Helen Keller.